Portronics Wiki: is Portronics an Indian company?

Portronics is a popular Indian electronics company. It was founded in 2010. Read this post to get all information about the Portronics wiki. In this article, we have covered all the details about Portronics, its history, its owner.

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Portronics Wiki:

Portronics is an Indian company that was founded in 2010. the headquarter of Portronics is situated in Delhi, India. Its electronics items are manufactured at the Wazirpur Industrial area of Delhi.

Portronics Digital Private Limited was started by Jasmeet Singh Sethi in 2010. In this short period of time, it has well established its name in the Indian Market.

Portronics manufactures electronics gadgets like earphones, headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers, cables, as well as computer accessories, etc. Portronics also manufactures car accessories. So, it has a very wide range of products.

Official Name Portronics Digital Pvt Ltd
Owner CountryIndia
OwnerJasmeet Singh Sodhi (JS Sodhi)
ProductsPortable speakers, headphones, power banks, cables, etc

What kind of products Portronics manufactures?

Portronics manufactures various kinds of products. The main products of portronics are headphones, speakers, power banks, etc. Let’s have a look at its all kinds of products:

  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Earphones
  • Portronics headphones
  • Data cables
  • Power banks
  • Car accessories
  • Laptop and mobile stands
  • Chargers
  • Smart watches
  • LCD notepads
  • Keyboards and mouse
  • Innovative products
  • Cable and connectors

Is portronics a good brand?

As you know, this company is not too old. But it is India’s one of the first companies to manufacture innovative portable speakers, headphones, etc.

the quality of its products is very fine and its products are long-lasting. The price of Portronics products is not low like Ubon. But its price is not too high as well. Portronics sound drum is it’s one of the best-known products.

Its gadgets are compatible with many operating systems like android, iOS, windows, etc. Also, the design is very attractive.

So, the overall quality of the portronics products is very good. Its products give you value for money.

Is Portronics an Indian Company?

The headquarter of Portronics is located in Delhi (India). So, Portronics is an Indian company. However, some of its products are manufactured in China as well. But mostly its products are made in India.

Is portronics a Chinese company?

No, Portronics is not a Chinese company. It is an official Indian company and the owner of Portronics is also Indian. But some of its products are manufactured in China.

Portronics import some of its speakers and other gadgets from China. So, sometimes, you can easily see Made in China label on its products.

Is Portronics and pTron same?

No, Portronics and pTron are not the same. People often get confused between Portronics and pTron.

The name of both brands is slightly similar and both are popular Indian brands. But these both brands/companies are different.

Both pTron and portronics manufacture headphones and earphones. But each company has its own quality and products.

Portronics Customer care:

You can contact to its customer care via this phone number-9555 245 245. You can also contact portronics via Email address- help@portronics.com.

Portronics cares are also located in most of the states of India. Just search portronics care near me. You can also claim a warranty on its products. Most of the portronics products come with a warranty.


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Portronics is a brand and its products are worthy and provide value for money.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Where to purchase portronics items?

You can purchase its items from its official store. Also, its products are available at Amazon, Flipkart, and paytmmall, etc.

Portronics company origin country?

India is the origin county of Portronics.

Is pTron better than Portronics?

Both the brands are good. We can not declare one brand better than others on just a single basis.

What is the Annual turnover of portronics?

About 50-100 crore INR.

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