Avita Liber wiki – Is this a Chinese company?

First of all, you must be searching for what is Avita Liber and who operates this company? Is this a Chinese brand? Is it a good company? Are these laptops are good for gaming? Do you love smartwatches too and the smartwatches which offer great quality.

There will be many questions which will be in your mind. Today we will try our best to answer all of your questions.

Avita info:

It is a lifestyle tech brand and the owner of this company is Nexstgo. This brand is being Operated by Nexstgo who has launched a new series, Avita Liber, in India recently. Avita Liber is a new laptop series which is recently launched.

The brand Avita is being launched in the USA, but now this brand is operated by Nexstgo, a Hong Kong country brand.
Many people were confused that this brand is a Chinese brand.

This is a hong kong-based brand and it offers great quality products. These products are made up in Hong Kong.

In India, this company has entered recently, and still, they need to explore many areas. This company is new to the Indian market and as time passes, we will see a lot of new products from this company.

The AVITA product series ranges from PC, smart home, and IoT devices. All these products are based on three core values: Liberty, Diversity, and Individualism. They offer a highly personal experience to the new generation of tech users.

Now there will be a question in your mind for sure. If these laptops are made in Hong Kong, how we will get the after-sales service and are there enough service centers in India.

So, the laptop offers high quality and you need not visit the service center so frequently. You will not face problems with these laptops. But if you talk about after-sales services, then there are not enough service centers at present.

The main reason for this is that the company is new to the market and it requires some time for the establishment. You can expect this company to be fully established within a year or two.


If you are searching for the best laptop for gaming and the one which offers great and vast functionality then this laptop is best.

As you know, buying a good laptop is a difficult task and when you know there are many brands in the market then it becomes more difficult to select the right brand.

Avita Liber Laptop

This brand offers more functionalities than other brands and that too in an attractive price range. Let’s have a look at the features first.

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  • It offers a high-quality webcam with an eye-catching sleek design.
  • You will get Island Style Backlit Keyboard on this laptop.
  • This laptop offers great battery life. You will get up to 10hrs of battery life which is the best in the market.
  • Are you tired of typing the password again and again? On this laptop, you will get Fingerprint Reader. So, now there is no need of typing the password again and again.
  • You are getting a 10th generation i5 processor and that too within Rs 50,000.


  • Good Quality
  • Beyond expectations
  • Screen Quality is best
  • Light Weight
  • Great battery Life


  • Not enough service centers
  • Not that good customer support
  • Keyboard quality is not that good

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