Ambrane Wiki: Is Ambrane an Indian brand?

In this post, we are going to introduce India’s one of the largest mobile accessories brands. Read this post to get information about the Ambrane wiki.

Over the last decade, many good companies and start-ups have raised in the country. Most of them are successful and are leading India in the field of technology Ambrane is also one of them.

India has started to reduce its dependency on other countries for electronic gadgets over the last decade.  Most of the products were used to import from other countries like China etc.

But for the last decade, this trend has reverted. This is a very good sign for the country’s future.

Indian govt has also taken many steps to support Indian bushiness and Indian companies. Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat campaigns are one of the most successful and helpful campaigns.

The Make In India project is one of the most helpful projects for Indian start-ups. It has produced many tech startups like Udaan, Buju’s and Razorpay, etc.

Ambrane wiki:

There are many good gadgets manufacturing brands in India like Zebronics, Ubon, and petronics, etc

It is India’s one of the largest brands for smart gadgets. It was started in 2012 in New Delhi, India Ambrane was started by Ashok Rajpal and Gaurav Dureja.

In just 8-9 years, this company has gained huge popularity and achievements in the country.

Ambrane India was the first Indian company to manufacture and launch power banks.

Starting with a small company, this company has successfully added more than 15 million+ happy customers. This company was started with a vision of manufacturing the best quality smart gadgets.

And, this brand has successfully reached this milestone.

Ambrane is known for the power banks. Due to the excellent quality and good service, power banks have become the signature product of the company.

Brand Ambassador :

Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja is the official brand ambassador of Ambrane India.

Ambrane Wiki via table:

Official NameAmbrane India Pvt. Ltd.
FounderAshoj Rajpal, Gaurav Dureja
Managing DirectorSachin Railhan
Country of origin2012
Brand AmbassadorRavindra Jadeja
HeadquarterNew Delhi

Is Ambrane an Indian company?

Yes, No doubt, Ambrane is a Delhi-based Indian electronic gadgets company. This is India’s first company to start the open manufacturing of mobile accessories.

The manufacturing unit of Ambrane is located in Indian. This company manufactures its power banks in Haryana, India.

The first manufacturing unit of the company was started in 2014.

The Ambrane power banks are Made in India. You do not have to hesitate for purchasing its products. Ambrane products are fully Made in India.

Are Ambrane products good?

Before purchasing any product, the first question that comes to our mind is- will the product be worthy? Will this product provide me value for money?

But, before buying Ambrane products, you don’t have to think, its products are amazing. It will provide you value for money.

We always try to find a good brand which can provide us good quality products at an affordable price range. Ambrane will provide the solution for you.

Its products especially power banks are the best in range with the affordable price range. Its products are far better than the Chinese brand’s products and items.

People have now started to shift to Indian brands from Chinese brands.

The main reason behind it is that Indian brands provide you value for money and long-lasting products.

Ambrane Power banks:

As we said, power banks have become the brand identity of Ambrane and it is the signature product of the brand. Ambrane power banks 20000mAh, Ambrane power banks 10000 mAh are the best in class power banks in the Indian market.

What kind of products does Ambrane manufacture?

At first, this company was started as mobile accessories shop. Later, it became the first Indian company to manufacture and launch power banks in the Indian market.

But the company did not stop its journey here, now Ambrane has expanded its bushiness very well. Now, you will find a variety of products here. Let’s have a look at the products manufactured by Ambrane:

  • Power banks
  • Chargers
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart wearables
  • Headphones
  • Earphones
  • Cables
  • IOT devices
  • Travel kits
  • Other personal care and lifestyles products
  • Trimmers

Ambrane chargers demand is also rising in the market. The Ambrane charger 3.0 is the company’s one of most successful products.

Where to buy Ambrane power banks and other accessories?

You can buy its products from its own store. However, its products are available at leading online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, paytmmall, snap deals, and tatacliq, etc.

Its products are also available at leading retailer stores like Croma, Sangeeta, Go Mobile, Walmart, More Retail, Reliance Retail, Spencers, Udaan, etc.

Achievements of the company:

In a small period of time, this company has successfully added more than 15 mullion + satisfied customers. The reason behind this is its products and service.

This brand has won the award for the Outstanding contribution to Make In India Mission’17

 Let’s have a look at the achievement of Amrabne India:

  • Best Power Bank Brand of the Year 2018
  • Best Power Bank Brand 2018
  • India’s Best Powerbank Manufacturer 2016
  • Best Powerbank of the year 2017 
  • The Best Make in India Gadget 2016
  • Best Powerbank Brand 2016

Future plans of company:

The main aim of the brand is to support Atmanirbhar Bharat and the Make in India campaign.

This company is expanding its products list and stores. At present, there are more than 400 employees in India.

Ambrane Customer care:

You can contact its customer care via- 8929700222. You can also contact them via their email


We do not promote or demote any brand or any specific product. Our aim is to provide you complete information about the brands and their products so that you can choose your items wisely.

Ambrane India is a very good company and its products are also of excellent quality. We also have tried its products and found them excellent. You can purchase its products.

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